Migrating from Go Integrator to CallSights

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Scenario: Customer has a working installation of Go Integrator v3 (with their preferred CRM already setup and working) and wants to migrate to CallSights.

High level steps to follow to migrate to CallSights: 

  • Download CallSights (from the provided download link via email)
  • Install CallSights on your computer
  • Launch CallSights (It will detect Go Integrator, if previously installed, and ask to use its settings. Accept this.)
  • Uninstall Go Integrator
  • Update any configuration & settings in CallSights for your preferred CRM (if needed)

Downloading and installing CallSights 

When you subscribe to CallSights you will receive an email with instructions that you can follow to download and install CallSights. The email will include an Activation Key and download link. If you have any problems with obtaining a trial - please Contact Us

The email contains a link to the download page. This page contains the version of CallSights software that connects to your specific telephone system. Please download the latest released version to your PC and run the setup program to install CallSights.

When you run the install setup file – it will ask you to agree to the license terms and conditions. Check the box and click [Install]. 

Note: You will need to have administrator level access to your computer to install CallSights. If you are not an administrator then please ask them to do it for you. The installation process typically takes less than a minute.

The installation program will go through the setup procedures and provide you progress on the screen.  

At the end of the installation – you will be presented with an “Installation Successful Completed” message.

You will see an option to "Launch" CallSights by clicking the [Launch] button. This will run the CallSights for the first time.

Running CallSights for the first time

When CallSights starts, you will be required to log in.

To do this you will need to use the credentials for your telephone system. Please click the [Log in] button and enter your credentials (username and password) on the page that appears next.


Note: The page that appears depends on the telephone system your company is using. This image gives an example of the kind of page to expect.

The credentials that you need to login to CallSights would be the same as the credentials that you use with your softphone or mobile application for your telephone system. If you do not have your credentials – please ask your IT helpdesk or support team that manages your telephone system.  

You may be asked to Authorize CallSights requesting access to your telephone system. If you see this request – please accept and click [Authorize] (or similar). 

After you log in, you will be required to enter your Activation Code. This code is in the emails that you received when you subscribed to CallSights. If you did not subscribe to CallSights yourself – you should have received an email from your IT helpdesk with detailed instructions containing the Activation Code.

Note: When you subscribe for multiple users, you still share the same Activation Code among all the subscribed users. It can be used as many times as the number of users on your subscription

Once you have entered your Activation Code you can press OK to proceed. Note that you may now be required to login again. This is normal.

Import Configuration from previous installation (of Go Integrator)

CallSights is programmed to automatically recognise previously installed CRM integration and configuration. If you have a CRM integration configured in your Go Integrator, CallSights will recognise it and ask you if you would like to import your configuration.

A screen similar to the one above would appear. If you want CallSights to continue to integrate with the identified CRM and use the same configurations – click the [Yes] button to import your settings. You can modify the CRM configuration later within CallSights as well, if needed.

Note: Depending on your CallSights subscription type and pricing plan that your company has ordered for you, if you need to integrate with more than one (1) CRM – you may need to either upgrade your subscription or get an added license that would allow you to integrate with up to four (4) CRMs.

Once CallSights has loaded and is running - you should see a colored circle icon for it in the system tray (typically in the bottom-right of your screen). Sometimes, the icon will be auto-hidden by Windows. You can make the icon permanently appear by dragging the icon onto the main tray area.

A green circle indicates that CallSights has loaded correctly, and it is ready to assist you. A red circle indicates that you are on a phone call and a gray circle may indicate some kind of problem.

Note: CallSights will not automatically uninstall Go Integrator. To uninstall Go Integrator, go to the installed Apps on your PC, select Go Integrator and select “Uninstall”.

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